High standards

We are very fond of legal recruitment and we make continuous efforts to be the best in our field. Representing you, whether you are a client or a candidate, is a responsibility that honors us and that we treat very seriously. We invest in the services that we offer you not only our excellent knowledge of the market, but also a customized approach that takes into consideration the specifics of your activity, your personality, even the organizational culture you come from.

Strong relationships

Relationships are important in any field of business, but especially in recruitment, where you cannot find the best talent unless you rely on a strong network. Therefore, we build strong, lasting relationships, based on transparency and honesty, both with our clients and with the candidates we interact with. We know that trust, once won, must be preserved. Therefore, we do not compromise when it comes to professional ethics and to the high quality of our services.

Excellence in recruiting

Understanding the business and the field of our clients is a competitive advantage that we are proud of. We know very well the specifics of the legal sector and we rely on the perspective of a lawyer, who is part of our team, to develop the recruitment strategy that best meets your needs, whether you are a client or a candidate. This perspective within the legal field is completed by the HR and business experience of our consultants, so that you can trust with no reserve the advice we offer you.

Positive attitude

We strongly believe that passion is essential when your role is to identify the right person for the right job. We love what we do and seek to achieve excellence at every stage of the recruitment process. We are not only keen on what we do, but we are also very keen on people and discovering the treasures they hide. We do not regard candidates as simple resources to be placed in a certain role. We try to get a deeper perspective and identify that authentic match between a person and a job.

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Kapital Legal – the winning strategy, in partnership with our team

Our team in built of senior professionals with complementary experiences, allowing us to come up with original recruitment solutions, adapted to both your needs and to the market context.

We want you to take advantage of our team’s know-how. We invest all our energy and skills in the partnership with our clients and we aim to always remain objective in relation to them. We do not hesitate to express and present arguments for opinions that are different from theirs, when appropriate, because we believe that the value we bring on the table consists in the expertise and objectivity of our recommendations. A reliable consultant is not the one who approves you at any cost, but the one who always protects your interests through the advice they offer you.

Intrebari frecvente

Besides advertising the vacancies on jobs platforms, we always conduct a direct search as well in order to identify relevant candidates. Recruitment ads have the advantage of increasing the brand awareness both for us and for our clients, but they rarely manage attract the people who are truly cut for the job.

Finding the right candidate may take between 4 – 10 weeks depending on the seniority level and the required expertise. The employer brand of the law firm it is also very important. We can say that it plays an important part in the process.

Yes, we provide this kind of service as well. It is called head-hunting.

The client will receive a shortlist including the most suited candidates for the role. The list will be followed by our assessment for each candidate also incorporating their strengths and weaknesses and their salary expectations. Based on this information, the client will make a decision or will continue the process by organizing further interviews with one or more candidates form the shortlist.

We can keep the client’s name confidential until the candidate has reached the shortlist and the client decides to proceed with that candidate. However, we want to stress out the fact that a client’s employer brand is essential in attracting the best candidates. Therefore, we recommend that the name of the law firm or of the company is disclosed from the beginning. As for the candidates, we can keep their name confidential until the client decides to invite them to an interview or present them a job offer.

Yes, please feel free to send us your CV as well as some details regarding the professional opportunities you are looking for at our email address: office@kapitallegal.ro.

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